Meet Brad

For the past 25 years, Brad has led teams as a Student Pastor, High School Pastor, Family Pastor, and Lead Pastor. He has also served on local, regional, and national levels of organizational leadership and training. He spent his first 17 years leading teams in larger churches and currently enjoys a unique sense of calling to help breathe vision, life, and balanced leadership into churches hoping to realize their potential.

Brad is deeply reflective and invests his time in learning to live and lead well. Prayer, solitude, silence, and meditation form the foundation from which Brad experiences life and speaks words of hope and peace.

Brad’s unique perspective emerges from the diversity of competencies that he brings to the table. With an undergraduate degree in psychology, a master’s in theology, additional graduate studies in social work, and is currently pursuing a master’s of organizational leadership. Brad approaches challenges and complexities to understand their social, psychological, and spiritual implications. As a result, Brad tends to be a helpful mediator and “sounding board” for others.

Brad hopes to leave his mark on the world by helping to mentor others through spiritual direction and leadership development. He is an eternal optimist about people and finds fulfillment in helping others to realize their spiritual leadership potential.

Brad firmly believes that you are Chosen, Blessed, Broken, and Given* by God as a gift to your world, and he wants to help you live into that. *These four characteristics of our “loved-ness” are expressed best by Henri Nouwen in his book “Life of the Beloved.” 


Live Well. Lead Well.

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