a palm sunday prayer

Today we remember how Your people praised you just days before they would reject You. We think of how difficult faith can be at times. We are reminded that – through You – often we’re stronger than we think we are; and that in moments when we are no stronger than they were, there is grace that abounds.

I’m thankful that You loved them anyway. I’m thankful that You love me anyway…

Help me to celebrate You with no shame, like the people with palm branches did…even when You decide to come through the gate on a donkey. And prepare me for those passion week moments when following You will be more difficult than expected.

Let me never forget that I do not have to get straight A’s in life to be loved by You…that I am valuable because I am…because I am Yours.

Teach me that perceived failure often leads to true success, that sometimes winning seems more like losing, and that it’s ok not to be able to tell the difference sometimes…as long as my heart and eyes are on You.

And teach us all to see others with the same prayer on our hearts that was on Yours: “Lord, forgive them, for they don’t understand what they’re doing.”

It’s the beginning of Holy Week. I’m sure that soon we’ll want to either run away or cut someone’s ear off. Don’t let us do either.

Show us how to turn our weapons into plowshares, and to wait patiently for the third day.


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